Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz is my guest today. She is excited to offer two historical romance stories set in medieval times. I’m already swooning. Nothing sets my heart to patter more than a good castle complete with handsome princes and lovely ladies in waiting.

Welcome Penny. I have to admit, I love stories set in medieval times. I have a great love affair with castles and knights and fair damsels. Where did you come up with the idea for your historical romance, Lady in Waiting?

When I first started writing Lady-in-Waiting, I wanted to write it as a fantasy. I imagined Madoc would be a wizard, but he decided he didn’t like that and the story took a different turn.  I enjoy writing fantasy, and I was somewhat surprised when it turned into an historical romance. 

There seems to be a great angst between Alana and Mabriona. Can you tell us why Alana was so mean to her cousin?

Alana is a princess, raised to expect that everyone should do exactly as he or she is told to do. Alana resents the fact that Mabriona doesn't have to marry someone she doesn't like just because her father wants her to.  Further, she sees Mabriona as someone beneath her based on her darker coloring.  In the north where Alana lives, people are fair-skinned and blond.  Mabriona's side of the family comes from the south and have a dark olive complexion and raven hair.  Mostly, I would say, Alana is a bit of a brat.

Tell us more about Mabriona. She must be a strong, loving character to endure all the cruelty tossed her way and not come out broken.

Mabriona has lived with Alana since she was a child. Her parents sent her to the castle believing she would have a better life.  As Alana's lady-in-waiting, she meets fascinating men at balls, eats well, is dressed in finery to suit her station.  She is a romantic and longs for true love.  A sense of rivalry developed over the years between the cousins, much like it does between siblings.  Mabriona knows her life isn't her own, but she also appreciates what she has been given.  Despite it all, she does love her cousin, and like a younger sibling, wants to please her older cousin.

I first thought Prince Blayne was the answer to all Mabriona’s problems. What a great twist to add his brother, Madoc. Tell us about Madoc. He seems like a character all women would swoon over.

Madoc is the shy, retiring, book-loving younger brother.  Since his father, the king, doesn't expect much from him, he was able to devote himself to the things he enjoyed doing.  He didn't have to learn to rule a kingdom or fight from atop his horse.  Instead, he learned to write poetry and play an instrument.  He is soft-spoken and also longing for true love.  Unlike Prince Blayne, Madoc will be allowed to marry for love.

Your book, Mirror Mirror, sounds like another fun medieval read. How did you come up with the idea of this time-travel story?

I live in a small rural area, and we don't often get outside events coming to our community.  However, a few years back, a Renaissance Fair happened in one of our local parks.  Of course, I had to go!  It was so much fun to wander around and watch the re-enactments, sample the food, listen to the music, and watch the people who are into dressing up.  I got to thinking about what it might be like for someone who did this on a regular basis to actually get transported back in time.  How would she handle it?  Would she be able to survive?  Would she long to come back to the modern world.  I needed a way for my MC to be sent back and being sucked through a scrying mirror seemed made to order.

Tell us how your MC, Lindsey, feels about women’s positions in the 1400’s. They definitely didn’t have women’s rights back then.

Lindsey is appalled by the way women are treated.  When she arrives, she has no idea what happened, or where she is.  She soon finds out an old woman has brought her there to save a young man who is being forced by his father to marry the wrong person.   Lindsey learns the young lord of the manor desires someone beneath his station. His father of course, forbids the relationship. The old woman has picked Lindsey because she looks just like the young lord’s lov. When Lindsey tries to make the hero see she can be valuable, help him with the books, read, etc., she quickly finds out those skills didn't travel with her.  All our young man wants is to kiss her and get her into his bed, knowing full-well he can't marry her.  Of course Lindsey rebels. 

Where did you come up with the ideas for such strong male characters such as Madoc and Graham?

Both Madoc and Graham are composites of people I know, people I've read about, and my fictionalized idea of the "ideal" man.

What kind of research did you do to find out everything you needed for these medieval stories?

I did a lot of Internet research.  I've also read a lot of books set in similar time periods to see how other authors tackle the subject.  I've got a few reference books on my shelves such as Everyday Life in the Middle Ages, by Sherrilyn Kenyon and The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in Renaissance England from 1485-1649, by Kathy Lynn Emerson.

I am a sucker for happy endings. How about you? Do your stories tie the plot into a nice little bundle at the end?

I think they do.  I have to admit I've always liked the HEA endings.  I think most people who read romances like to see their MCs end up together, although they do have to spend some time working out their problems first.

How can our readers find out more about you and your books?

Thanks for asking!

My website is: http://pennylockwoodehrenkranz.yolasite.com

My blog is: http://pennylockwoodehrenkranz.blogspot.com

My Facebook page is: http://www.facebook.com/penny.ehrenkranz

My Twitter is: http://twitter.com/pennyehrenkranz

My author page at MuseItUp Publishing is:


Love Delivery, Lady-in-Waiting, and Mirror, Mirror are with MuseItUp Publishing.

My anthology A Past and A Future, and my YA chapbook, Dragon Sight are available at Sam's Dot Publishing and Smashwords. My MG novels, Ghost for Rent and Ghost for Lunch, and Boo’s Bad Day and Many Colored Coats, picture books, are scheduled for publication with 4RV.

Love Delivery, coming August, 2011



Lady in Waiting, coming November, 2011


Mirror, Mirror, coming December, 2011


A Past and A Future


Dragon Sight


Ghost for Rent, coming September 2012

Ghost for Lunch, coming September, 2013

Many Colored Coats, coming October, 2014

Boo's Bad Day, coming June, 2015


***************************************************************Blurb Info for:  Lady-in-Waiting

Tag Line: Through a series of misunderstandings, Mabriona is forced to live a lie, but when the man she loves awakes from his coma, will she confess her deceit?

Blurb: Mabriona is cousin to the beautiful and spoiled Princess Alana.  When Alana is forced to marry a man she despises, Mabriona is torn between her loyalty to her cousin and her attraction to the handsome Prince Blayne.

Tragedy befalls the cousins on the way to Prince Blayne’s castle.  Servants, believing Mabriona to be Alana, refuse to listen when she tries to explain.

While she waits for Blayne to recover, Mabriona meets his equally handsome younger brother, Madoc, a bard.

When Blayne awakes, will Mabriona choose life with a future king, will she be sent home in disgrace because of her inadvertent lies, or will Madoc win her love with his poetry?
**********************************************************************************Blurb Info for: Mirror, Mirror

Tag Line: Lindsay Baker’s purchase of an antique mirror sends her back in time to salvage a love torn apart by class restrictions.

Blurb: Lindsay Baker is intrigued by everything about the middle ages, but when she purchases an antique mirror and a costume to attend a Renaissance Faire, she suddenly finds herself transported back in time.  There she finds she’s been called by a witch to right a terrible wrong. 

Graham loves Prudence, but he can’t marry her because he’s landed gentry, and she is only the baker’s daughter.  Before Lindsay can return to her own time, she must convince Graham to marry against his father’s wishes.  Unfortunately, she also finds herself falling for the handsome gentleman.

Can she find her way back to her own time, or will she be stuck in a time when women had no rights?

Temporary buy link: https://museituppublishing.com/bookstore2

“Today’s the day, Mabriona,” Princess Alana said as Mabriona entered the chambers.  She wiped tears from her eyes with an embroidered linen. “Prince Blayne will be here, and soon I’ll be his wife.  I think the worst part of being father’s daughter is marrying someone I’ve never even met.”

“You’ve always known your marriage would be arranged for the benefit of the kingdom, Princess, but I’m sure he’ll be very nice,” Mabriona replied as she opened the heavy drapes covering the windows. She looked at her cousin and sighed.  She wanted to feel sorry for Alana, but they’d had this discussion so many times. Mabriona was tired of it.  Alana had known from the time she was a child that she would not wed for love.  Why can’t Alana just accept her fate? Outside the day was as wet as the one before and the one before that.

“Nice?  Who wants nice?  I want someone handsome and dashing.  A knight in shining armor who will love me forever.  I certainly don’t want someone like my father who will make me do everything I don’t want to do.”

After Stefany left, Lindsey adjusted the water spigots on her tub.  A few drops of bubble bath went into the water, and the soothing scent of lavender filled the moist, steamy air.  While the tub filled, Lindsey tried on her Renaissance outfit for the upcoming Faire. She couldn’t believe her good luck at finding the perfect pieces.  She tested the bath water to be sure it was the right temperature. Then she picked up her antique mirror to get a better view. Was this a scryer’s mirror at some point in time? It slipped from her wet hands into the bathtub.

“Nuts,” she mumbled as she leaned over the tub.  She pulled one sleeve up on her blouse and fished around in the bubbles for the mirror. When she pulled the mirror from the water, spots appeared in front of her eyes, and she felt faint.  While she watched her reflection in the old mirror, the background changed.  She no longer saw the inside of her bathroom.  She closed her eyes as the room around her went black.


Thank you for inviting me to be your guest today, C.K.  I want to remind your readers I’m having a contest.  I will be choosing two names at the end of my blog tour from all who comment at any of the stops.  One winner will receive a copy of Lady-in-Waiting and the other a copy of Mirror, Mirror.

Thanks for joining me today, Penny. It was a treat to hear about your upcoming books. I hope everyone goes right out and picks them up for Christmas!
C.K. Volnek