Jill Corcoran, Literary Agent with the Herman Agency and dubbed the Plot-Whisperer, has created a unique blog post for authors who would be interested in submitting their work to her. She asks that before you query her, you watch a series of videos….27 videos in fact. Then, she encourages the would-be author to go back to their novel and revise. She says ‘you won’t believe how much your ms will improve and how much you will grow as a writer’ after watching these videos. The videos are a great gift for all writers to enjoy. 


These 27 videos cover such vibrant gems of plotting such as knowing your character inside and out; crisis; scenes; the beginning, the middle and the end; thematic significance; relationship bonds; and resolutions.

I highly suggest any/and all authors interested in enhancing their skills, to take a peek at what Jill has to offer. You won’t regret the time spent with her. And you just might create the next story selected by Jill to represent.

HERMAN AGENCY represents professional artists and authors with an emphasis on the children's market, which includes books for all ages, educational books and supplementary materials, children's magazines, cartoons, licensed characters, as well as stationery, advertising, toys and editorial illustrations.

Jill Corcoran, Agent: With an English degree from Stanford University and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from The University of Chicago, Jill has marketed everything from sneakers to cereal at Leo Burnett Advertising, LA Gear, Mattel, and at her own consulting company, LAUNCH! New Product Marketing. Jill is also a children’s book author and poet.


Enjoy and Happy Writing!
C.K. Volnek