Liebster - a German word meaning ‘favorite’ or ‘dearest’. And now, it’s also the ‘favorite’ Liebster award.

And so with great humility I accept this award from two ‘dearest’ friends. Rebecca Ryals Russell and Anne E. Johnson cared enough to send this wonderful little award my way. Many thanks to these great ladies and fellow authors at MIU Publishing.

Rebecca Ryals Russell (http://rryalsrussell.com/) is a unique individual and also known as the Yellow Hat Writer. She holds a wonderful sense of humor and is a teller of great tails. Be sure to check out her Stardust Wars series as well as her Seraphrym Wars Series.  Thank you Rebecca.

Anne E. Johnson (http://www.anneejohnson.com/) is a new and rising star in the published world. 2012 will be a tremendous year for her as she celebrates the book birthdays for Trouble at the Scriptorium, Ebenezer’s Locker and Green Light Delivery.

Congrats to both these fine authors and grateful thanks for the award. Now, in acceptance of this honor, I must now fulfill the same 5 requirements. The intent of the award is to recognize blogs who might not be receiving the recognition they deserve. So here goes (AND THESE ARE NO PARTICULAR ORDER):

GM Barlean. http://gmbarlean.wordpress.com/ Gina is flying high as her first Novel, Casting Stone, The Saving of James Raven makes it debut. Be sure to check out her blog and her book! She is a lovely writer and great friend.

Victorine Lieske.
http://victorinewrites.blogspot.com/ Vicki is a gem of and one heck of a great writer and marketer. She published her first book last year as an independent and took it to the NY Times Best Sellers List. But what is so wonderful about Vicki is she is all about helping her fellow writer friends.

Sabrina Sumsion. http://www.sabrinasumsion.com/ Sabrina is another great friend and writer in my local writing group. It’s friends like her that can encourage and keep me going even on my toughest writing days.

Wall-to-Wall Books Blog. http://wall-to-wall-books.blogspot.com/ Wendy is just one of the nearest and dearest reviewer I can mention. She is honest and frank with her reviews but is always the most positive and supportive people.

Boys and Books Blog. http://www.boystobooks.com/ Trudy is another wonderful reviewer. I adore the ladies who make such great efforts to encourage and support middle grade reading.

In High Spirits.  http://diannesalerni.blogspot.com/ I was lucky enough to have a great book review on Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island by a middle grader herself on this lovely review blog. Gina and her mother, Dianne, offer a wonderful view into many great books and I’m honored to present them with this award.

Oops, I gave away six awards. Oh well. They are all so very deserving and I hope you will support them! Reading and Writing aren't the same without them!

Thanks to everyone! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!

C.K. Volnek