I’ve always loved the magical legends of norse folklore, to be pulled into the mystical realms and feel the very breath of the enchanted characters. And I was not disappointed with Ms. Janet Lee Carey’s tale The Beast of Noor.

Set in the country of Ennes Isle, just outside of Shalem Wood, young Miles and Hanna Ferrell find themselves in middle of an age-old thriller; embarking upon a quest only they can complete, to stop the supernatural rampage of the beast, The Beast of Noor.
The beast had once upon a time been a dog, a loyal dog to his master, Rory Sheen. But when death ensnared Rory, Rory bargained with death and gave death his dog in return for his life. Ever after, the dog was doomed to an eternity of shape-shifting. Its hatred for mankind grew because of Rory’s treacherous deed, killing to quench its vengeance upon every full moon...until now. Miles and Hannah (distant relatives of Rory on their mother’s side) are the only ones left who can stop the beast’s eternal hatred and save the villagers from sure death. 

Within the beautifully crafted and vibrant scenes, Ms. Carey’s readers will find themselves transported to another world, a charming world or folklore, with fantastical creatures and characters you can almost reach out and touch. From the eccentric fairy queens, to the wind woman and sprites, the wise and devoted healer, and the dark  creatures of trolls and the Beast of Noor, the characters come alive, sprinkling their magical dust on you, compelling you to keep reading chapter after chapter. Miles and Hannah pull you into the story as they weave their tragic tale from their modest home in the hills where they shepherd their sheep to how and why they must stop the creature that haunts their family and their country. 
Brother and Sister embark upon their quest, sacrificing all they would have in order to right the dreadful wrong of their long-dead relative, learning as they go that love, loyalty and forgiveness are worth more than all the riches of the troll king. 
The Beast of Noor is a delightful tale, one that you will not soon forget. Ms. Carey spins a  deliciously imaginative story and I highly recommend
The Beast of Noor for your next YA read.

C.K. Volnek