The world of writing and selling books is an ever changing chameleon these days.  There are many ways to get your book into the public hands, whether publishing with big publishers, small press or even independently. And it’s been my joyful experience that today the author has so much more input into the look and marketing of their book. (Though not always as much as they’d like or want. lol)

Sometimes, however, we find our sales not as we, the author, would like to see. Though some of this could be due to marketing shortcomings, other elements could also come into play as well…the cover, blurb, price, and the writing itself.

Enter…Why is My Book Not Selling - http://booknotselling.blogspot.com/ … a blogspot started by Victorine Lieske, author of best-selling novel Not What She Seems. This is an extremely helpful tool to help authors examine these very elements.

Authors can submit their books, offering the cover, blurb and the beginning chapter of the book and receive critiques from Victorine as well as from her loyal followers. This site is not for the author who cannot take criticism, as the critiques are honest and quick to point out the flaws they see. But for the author who only wants to produce a better product and enhance his or her sales, this is a valuable tool, definitely worth of a look.

Visit Victorine at http://booknotselling.blogspot.com/ and either offer up your own critiques on our fellow author’s work or submit your book to find out how you could sell more today!

Thanks for stopping by.

C.K. Volnek

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