Today, I would like to welcome Author Lindsay Below to my blog. Lindsay writes young adult and middle grade fiction. Under the name L.K. Below, she also publishes romance and adult speculative fiction. Visit her online at www.lbelow.net or on her young adult blog at http://yanoveling.blogspot.com

Join me in welcoming Lindsay Below.

C.K. Volnek.

Hi Lindsay, and welcome. Please tell your readers something interesting about yourself AND/OR your favorite character.

I’m a vegetarian. I have been for the past seven years, and I don’t foresee that changing any time soon. Although for a year or so beforehand, I shunned most meats, I became a full-fledged vegetarian when I was thirteen years old. I won’t pretend it was easy. At the time, my father in particular kept trying to bargain with me and cajole me into changing back. But I clung to my morals. Eventually, he (and everyone else) accepted the change. Though it often makes eating out at restaurants difficult.

What was your favorite book as a teen? Tell us about it and how it affected you as a person.

My favorite book as a teen was The Secret of Dragonhome by John Peel. In it, the main character, Melayne, was a fifteen-year-old vegetarian, so it spoke to me. Melayne was always stubborn and rebellious, and I’d like to think that I speak my mind the way she does.

Tell us about the genre you have chosen to write for. Why do write specifically for them?

I write any genre that calls to me. I love to read a good story, and so I write the ones that interest me. I think about entertaining myself first, though I hope that others will enjoy my books just as much. 

Tell us about your new book. How did it come about and share your favorite excerpt/scene.

Head Over Hand-Bought Heelsis a book about acceptance and friendship. When Katie starts working at Vivian’s Boutique, she quickly makes three new take-charge friends. But when Courtney kisses her, she doesn’t know how to accept it. Does she like the kiss? Does she like Courtney? And how is she supposed to salvage their friendship if she doesn’t?

This book began as a dream on October 30th. I’d already decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month that November, and even though I knew nothing but the first scene and the descriptions of the four main characters, I embarked on the crazy journey. The book swept me away, and I finished it extremely quickly, surprising even myself. Below is my favorite scene, showcasing my favorite character in the book, Courtney’s brother Jeremy. 

Excerpt from Head Over Hand-Bought Heels:

I’ll admit, I’m a terrible morning person. It takes me forever to get up. I’m completely blind to reason until at least ten o’clock, which means that on school days I spend about an hour completely out of it, sleepwalking until the energy from breakfast starts to kick in. The morning after our little sleepover was no different.

            “Rise and shine, sleepyhead,” Courtney cooed. I mumbled and snuggled my head deeper into the blanket. She switched to a different tactic. “Last one to say ‘aye’ gets to have a makeover!” Three chirping “ayes” wormed their way into my brain and I lifted my head.

            “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I grumped. “Did you not hear me yesterday when I told you I don’t go shopping?

            “You do with us,” Courtney countered. “Trust me, Jane didn’t shop very much either, before she met us.”

            “Neither did I,” Tia joked.

            Courtney rolled her eyes. “Please, Tee. You invented shopping. Besides,” she addressed me, “your shoes are hideous. Seriously. The ugliest things I have ever seen. What, did you shop for them in the men’s section?”

            “I have big feet,” I grumbled.

            “Oh, you did!” Courtney wailed. “That just isn’t right! They make shoes for women with big feet, too, you know, Kate. Nice shoes. Non-ugly shoes. I suggest you get some. And don’t even look crosswise at the men’s shoe section unless you’re buying something for your dad for his birthday.” When I just continued to look blankly at her, my brain not yet at fully functional, she continued, “Come on, Katie doll, time to get up. I made pancakes.”

            The word pancakes managed to make an impression on my sleep-fogged brain. It was that incentive alone that prompted me to get my feet under me and allow myself to be dragged into the kitchen by Tia. I stopped short in the doorway.

            “There’s a guy in your kitchen.” He had the same eyes and dark hair as Courtney, and even the same edge to his nose, though his was smaller in proportion to his face. He had to be her brother, though this early in the morning, I couldn’t quite get past the fact that he was there, in the kitchen. I really shouldn’t be this much of a mess when I was meeting new people.

            “And he’s eating my pancakes!” Courtney screeched. She elbowed her way through me and Tia and raced across the kitchen to slap her brother roughly on the arm. “Jeremy, put those down! They’re not for you.”

            Ignoring her, he said, “They’re very good,” around a mouthful of food. He nodded absently to me.

            Getting over my initial shock in record time for a Sunday morning, I sat myself on a stool. “I’d put that down if you don’t want your penis cut off,” I yawned.

            He froze, almost laughed, and then frowned. He looked at his sister. “Did she just threaten me?” He looked around at Tia and Jane. “Who is this girl?”

            I realized with dawning horror that he probably thought I had. I really needed to watch my mouth in the mornings. It tended to work without the approval of my brain. “It’s just what they were thinking of doing to you last night,” I defended myself.

            “Not me,” Jane added softly. “I had nothing to do with it.”

            “Fine, then,” I corrected. “It was just what Tia and Courtney were thinking of doing to you.”

            “I actually vetoed the suggestion, tempting though it was,” Courtney put in.

            “Fine, I’ll take the hit,” Tia said morosely, taking a seat and crossing her legs. She leaned forward. “I admit it. I was thinking of your penis last night.”

            I couldn’t help but giggle. When she put it that way, it sounded completely different from the way she had actually meant it at the time. Even Jeremy grinned.

            “Why exactly were we thinking of doing bodily harm to me? I could swear I haven’t done anything bad to you, Court, for at least a month.”

            “You hid my favorite Stacie Bass Queen flip flops from me last month!”

            He nodded. “Like I said, a month.”

            She glared at him. “You only gave them back last week.”

            I liked their sibling rivalry. It was the sort of thing I wished to have with Brad, but he was so much older than I was. He had been thinking about University when I was two. We only saw each other at Thanksgiving and Christmas, a birthday card exchanged in between. Nothing special. Nothing close.

            “You still haven’t answered my question,” he poked Courtney in the arm. “Why were you upset?”

            “Who said I was upset?”

            “You only threaten dismemberment whenever something’s bothering you. What is it? Spill.”

            Her chin quivered as she thought her words over. “Kenley broke up with me,” she admitted in a small voice.

            “For a guy,” Tia added meaningfully.

            “The slut,” Jeremy grumbled. I agreed with him wholeheartedly. “Is there anything I can do?”

            “Nope,” Courtney answered with false brightness. “We watched cartoons all last night, and today we’re giving Katie a makeover.” I grimaced.

            He looked me over. “She certainly needs it.”

            Biting my lip, I glanced down. I knew I was no Tia, but he didn’t have to say it out loud. But I wouldn’t cry. I shook my head. It didn’t hurt that much, I told myself. No matter what, I wouldn’t cry over something as stupid as that, something I knew already. Even if it had been delivered by a cute boy.

            “Oh, God,” he murmured. There was an edge of desperation to his voice. “I didn’t mean-- If I’d said that to Tia, she’d just take it in stride and insult me back.”

            I glanced up at him, likely more than half a glare in my eyes. “Tia wouldn’t actually need a makeover.”

            “She’s shy,” Courtney explained as if I hadn’t said anything. “Shyer than Jane.”

            “I am not shyer than Jane!” I protested. “She never talks! You never talk,” I added, remembering how much it had just annoyed me to have them talking about me right in front of me.

            She shrugged, her thin shoulders lifting upward. “I may not talk just for the sake of hearing my voice, but I’m not shy.” She gave a pointed look to the other two girls in the room. “They know it. You, though, are shy. All you did last night was try to make up excuses not to be in the spotlight with us.”

            “Like you’re going to do in about twenty minutes when we take you shopping,” Tia added.

            “And now, fair ladies, as I have been forgotten,” Jeremy said grandly, standing up and slowly backing to the door, “and my stomach is full of stolen pancakes, I shall bid you all adieu.” He turned and walked from the room before his sister could berate him for eating their breakfast.

            “He’s taking a Shakespeare class,” Courtney explained with a roll of her eyes.


How has writing affected your life? And what’s your favorite part of being a writer?

Writing hasn’t affected my life. Writing is my life. If I didn’t write down all the characters and plotlines floating around in my head, I think I’d explode! My favorite part of being a writer is being swept away in the story. That’s why I write.


What advice can you give regarding the writing process?

Don’t be afraid to experiment. When I get stressed or strained, I switch up genres, length of story (short story or novella versus a full novel), etc. It helps to purge the mind of whatever’s blocking you from writing.  

Regarding publication and marketing, what advice can you offer aspiring writers?

Read through your contracts. Thoroughly. Do it again, and again. Make sure you’re comfortable with each of the terms and if you don’t understand a clause or two, bring it to a lawyer. Your contract is very important. And if you find something you aren’t comfortable with, ask the publisher to change the wording. Most are willing to do so.

As for marketing, back list is your best friend. The more there is to read, the more there is to sell! Make friends with fellow writers and offer to help them promote -- they’ll often return the favor.

Best of all, good luck!

How can your fans find, follow or friend you?

Check out my website, www.lbelow.net/lindsaybelow/contact. I’ve got all the information and links there.

Thanks for having me on your blog today, Charlie. Happy writing, everyone!

Thanks for joining us today, Lindsay.
C.K. Volnek

Today, I have a guest interview from Debut Author Bethlene Williams. Bethlene is the author of the upcoming book, The Togi Tree. She loves reading books of all kinds, especially children's novels that take her to another place. Growing up in a large family, they always made up worlds to play in, ideas coming from stories she’d read.

She started writing when she stayed home to be a fulltime mom in Las Vegas and had lots of spare time. She wanted to try something new and make up stories her son might like to read. The first book took just over a year to write.

Her husband and son dragged her to Salt Lake City. She kicked and screamed the whole way … preferring the desert heat over the snow and cold. She settled in, playing hard in the summer and hiding in the winter. She continued to write and found online friends to help her improve. During a trip to Phoenix over the holidays one year, her family stopped at the Grand Canyon South Rim, where inspiration struck for her second story- The Togi Tree. She wrote the first version in a month and improved it over the next year to be the fun adventure it is now.

She lives in Salt Lake City with her fun, supportive husband, always-inquisitive son and fluffy dog Zeus, who thinks she can’t write unless he’s on top of her desk, watching.

Please welcome Bethlene Williams...

Hi Bethlene. Tell your readers something interesting about yourself AND/OR your favorite character.

My first story took me well over a year to finish. My second story, The Togi Tree, only took me a month to write. Of course it had to go through several revisions before it was perfect.

The Togi Tree is a magical tree that lives in the middle of the Cold River. It can grow large and shrink small, travel to various locations and make itself invisible. But when it is found, its orange fruit can sustain a person for many days. 

In the wake of the most serious drought in recent history, fourteen-year-old Trenton and his brother, Scout, are sent by their village leader to find the wise Togi, who inhabits the Togi Tree and may hold the key to the survival of their village. They discover the life of the mystical Togi Tree is threatened and are sent on a mission to find out why the Cold River has dried up and how the Togi Tree can be saved. With only weeks to spare, Trenton and Scout navigate flash floods, survive unbearable thirst, and avoid wild animals to search for the answers. 

Will Trenton and Scout be able to restore the Cold River to its former abundance, or will the lives of the Togi Tree and the villagers be lost forever? 

What was your favorite book as a teen? Tell us about it and how it affected you as a person.

I loved “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” and “James and The Giant Peach”. I read them over and over. In my later teen years I fell in love with “Anne of Green Gables.” I always loved to read about different places, made up or real, and imagine myself there.

Tell us about the genre you have chosen to write for. Why do write specifically for them?

I write middle grade novels and young adult novels. I love how you can have so much fun in kids stories, more so than adult books that seem to be more serious. When writing, I try to come up with crazy things for my characters to do, unique obstacles for them to deal with and fun ways to solve their problems. I write stories that I would’ve loved to be in when I was a kid.

Tell us about your new book. How did it come about and share your favorite excerpt/scene.

My new book is my debut novel “The Togi Tree”. The idea came to me after visiting the Grand Canyon one winter. I tried to picture the river at the bottom, because you obviously can’t see it from the top rim. I had a dream a week or two later where I was trying to find the river, but couldn’t see it anywhere. Some people came along and told me the river had dried up and they had to find out why so they could save their magical tree. I woke up thinking it was a great story idea.


         Something growled in the unnerving silence. In front of him, a cougar stalked out of the dark smoke, its orange fur glowing.

         Trenton stared at the large beast with awe and terror. Run, he told himself. But his legs wouldn’t work. He stood frozen in fear.

         “You’re finally here,” the cougar growled. It circled Trenton once, large eyes studying every inch of him. “Where is the water to put out the fire? It was your only responsibility—get water to the tree. And you failed!” The cougar bared its large teeth as it slunk around him again. “We can’t depend on you for anything! I knew you would be too lazy to save the tree.”

         “I ...I didn’t know I was supposed to get ...water. Why doesn’t someone else help out?” He trembled as the cougar stopped in front of him.

         “There is no one else!” the cougar roared.

         With a thunderous rumble, fire exploded behind Trenton. He spun around. A bright, orange inferno flared into the sky. Bits of fire rained down all around.

         “What’s burning?” he asked, coughing as his lungs filled with smoke.

         “The Tree!” the cougar growled beside him. “We needed water.”

         What tree? He studied the fire, squinting through the smoke. He could barely see the branches of . . .

         NO! The Togi Tree is on fire. He’d seen the tree once in a dream and heard the magical description countless times from Papa. But how can it burn? The Togi Tree lives in the Cold River.

         He glanced down to find that he stood in the dust of a dry riverbed. “The river is gone! There’s no water to put the fire out.”


         A loud crackling noise came from the bottom of the tree.

         “Move!” the cougar commanded as it ran off. “It’s going to fall.”

            The burning tree, tall enough to touch the sky, was falling towards him. His legs wouldn’t move. He threw his arms across his face and screamed . . .

How has writing affected your life? And what’s your favorite part of being a writer?

Writing has been a great hobby for me. I started writing when my son went into first grade and I had more free time on my hands. I wanted to see if I could actually write a story. Now, I’ve finished five books.

My favorite part of being a writer is the satisfaction of finishing a story and seeing it be made into a real book. It’s an amazing feeling.

What advice can you give regarding the writing process?

Keep writing! Even if you get stuck, keep trying. You never know what you might accomplish in the end. Try new stories, explore which writing style you enjoy the most. I was surprised to find I like changing the style I use with each story.

Regarding publication and marketing, what advice can you offer aspiring writers?

Don’t give up. You never know when you’ll get your lucky break. Just a mention about my writing to a friend while golfing paid off six years. So maybe being patient helps, too. 

How can your fans find, follow or friend you?

My website is www.bethlenewilliams.com

On facebook, you can follow my fanpage :


Thanks for joining us today, Bethlene.

C.K. Volnek
Good Morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you have recovered from your turkey coma. Sigh...such great memories to recall. But now, back to the business of writing.

Visiting me today is Rebecca Ryals Russell, aka, the Yellow Hat Writer. Her debut novel, Seraphym Wars Odessa, is slated for release April 1, 2011 from MuseItUp Publishing. This book will be followed by several others throughout 2011. She’s been a very busy writer.

Welcome Rebecca. Would you tell your readers something interesting about yourself AND/OR your favorite character.

I live in a Victorian house on five acres with my family. I also run a Vacation Rental Log House on the property (Florida Black Bear Cabin http://flablackbearcabin.com) It was in this cabin I wrote Odessa within 6 months. I am a fourth generation Floridian. Born in Gainesville (Central Fl), I grew up in Sunrise (South Florida), lived in Orlando for 8 years (Central Fl) and Jacksonville for 28 years (NE Fl) before settling outside Lake City (North Central Fl). The daughter of a school principal and school secretary, for fourteen years I taught Middle Grades, preferring English and Creative Writing. I had several students’ works published in anthologies.  My main interests are my four children, ages 22, 19, 16, 11 and Irish hubby of 35 years. I enjoy spending time writing, drawing, going to movies and reading. My favorite pastime is sitting on our wicker porch swing on a chilly Autumn evening with my husband and usually a kid or two, drinking a beer and eating mixed nuts while chatting about anything and everything.

What was your favorite book as a teen? Tell us about it and how it affected you as a person.

My all-time favorite book(s) are Lord of the Rings. I was in seventh grade when my Daddy introduced me to the series. I started with The Hobbit and moved on to read them all within months. Then Daddy brought home a 1000 piece puzzle of Middle Earth. When I finished it we mounted it and it hung in my bedroom until I left home. I wish I had that puzzle today. The effect that series had on me is clearly evident in my writing. My YA series, Seraphym Wars, is a quest Fantasy with elves and faeries, dragon-demons and strong characters. While writing each book I ask myself constantly, “Would this be in LOTR?” 

Tell us about the genre you have chosen to write for. Why do write specifically for them?

I write MG/YA Fantasy for several reasons. Firstly, it’s what I read. I don’t enjoy adult fiction as much as YA. Maybe I never grew up at heart because I always identify with the YA characters more. Secondly, I write for teens because I have 4 of them at home. All of my kids read – but NONE read Fantasy. I find that hilarious. In fact, NONE of them have read any of my books to date. Thirdly, because I taught MG for fourteen years, I know how teens think and what they say and feel. I try to incorporate that into my characters. My sixteen-year-old son gets so tired of me quizzing him on what’s happening at school, what are the trends, how would his friends react to such and such. 

Tell us about your new book. How did it come about and share your favorite excerpt/scene.

The first book of the YA series Seraphym Wars will be released April 1, 2011 from MuseItUp Publishing. Odessa is the first of a five book series. So far, the Prequel, Conscientia, due out Sept 1, 2011 and Book 1 Odessa have release dates. Book 2 Harpies is at the publisher now being read.

The storyline for Seraphym Wars was 30 years in the making. I just didn’t have time (or gumption) to write it out, but it was always in the back of my head. When I retired from teaching I began writing it and six months later had a 250,000 word book. Obviously too long I split it in two and revised Odessa 6 times over the next 3 years until I was finally satisfied.

Jacket Flap:

18-year-old Myrna is drawn into the middle of an epic battle between Seraphym and Demons. An average High School student from Florida, struggling with inner demons resulting from a rape at sixteen, she wakes one morning on the Steampunk planet of Dracwald, home of the demon-dragons responsible for her brother’s recent murder as well as many other atrocities in the news. She meets sweet sensitive Michael, who explains that according to prophecy, Myrna must gather the remaining six Vigorios (teen warriors with special talents) then train with the Majikals on an enchanted island. He accompanies her on the quest. A roguish Scientist with suspect motives haunts her dreams, while a sensual dragon warrior defends her against her will.

Will love and lust, jealousy, greed, deceit and distrust break the delicate tie that binds these teen warriors called The Vigorios? Can a troupe of teens help the Seraphym finally defeat the massive empire of evil dominated for eons by the demon-dragons of Dracwald?

How has writing affected your life? And what’s your favorite part of being a writer?

Writing has given me new purpose after leaving the classroom. I tend to give 110% to whatever I do and when teaching I spent 80 hours a week, easily, making lessons interesting, grading work and in the classroom. Now I spend that time and more writing. My favorite part is I can do it from home. My desk is in the living room so I’m in the heart of the family area, everyone comes and goes, but I can still produce my work.

What advice can you give regarding the writing process?

Before I started writing I tried to think of good ideas for stories and couldn’t. Now that I’ve been writing daily for 4 years, the ideas won’t stop. My advice is Write Often to Write Well. And secondly, don’t second-guess what you’ve produced until it is as perfect as you can make it. If it takes 15 revisions to get the story or voice or characterization, Just Do It.

Regarding publication and marketing, what advice can you offer aspiring writers?

It’s NEVER too early to start. If you wait until your book is published, you’ll be running backwards trying to catch up. I started building my platform, as it’s called, before the book was written. But it is only recently that people are recognizing my name. that’s four years of being very visible on the Internet. In fact, I think it was because of that visibility I got my first contract.

Today’s publishing world has changed and is still evolving. It is now the writer’s responsibility to promote yourself. A publisher wants to see that you are Internet and computer savvy and not afraid to put yourself out there. You need a website with a blog that you update at least weekly, twice a week is better. You need to belong to as many groups, website rings, forums and associations as you can find in your genre and BE ACTIVE on them. Get your name known. Brand yourself.

When I go to a writing conference, I wear my yellow hat to the keynote banquet. Why? Because that’s how people know me. And I have writers come up to me and say, “Hi, We’re friends on Twitter or Facebook or such and such forum.” And they knew me because I have branded myself as “The Yellow Hat Writer”. I have a separate website called http://yellowhatwriter.com and it’s only email signature banner, business cards and even used as a forum id in places.

Keep the same photo of yourself for everything. Don’t change your photo or use different ones for different sites. People will recognize you from the photo. Make it a good one and use only one.

How can your fans find, follow or friend you?

I’m all over the Internet. The best place to look first is my website/blog: http://rryalsrussell.com. I also have a grog (group blog) with several other MG/YA authors. We rotate postings about how to write aimed at Teens Who Write and Those Who Write for Teens. We have author interviews, news, hints, etc. http://teenwordfactory.com. Lastly readers can find me at http://facebook.com/rebeccaryalsrussell or http://facebook.com/myrnawatts; http://twitter.com/vigorio and http://myspace.com/rebeccaryalsrussell or http://goodreads.com/user/show/1941846-rebecca-ryals-russell. I love to make new friends!!

My book can be seen at https://museituppublishing.com/bookstore2/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=64&category_id=6&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1. If you want to buy the book, you can hit the ‘Notify Me’ button and when it’s available you’ll get an email to go and buy it.

Watch for all of my other books to come available as well at http://museituppublishing.com/musepub/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=98&Itemid=82 or my website http://rryalsrussell.com

April 1, 2011      Odessa, YA series Seraphym Wars  http://seraphymwars.com

July 1, 2011      Zarena, MG series Stardust Warriors   http://stardustwarriors.com

Sept 1, 2011     Conscientia, Seraphym Wars

Oct 1, 2011       Don’t Make Marty Mad (adult horror story)

Nov 1, 2011      Jeremiah, Stardust Warriors

Feb 1, 2012       Laman, Stardust Warriors

These have been submitted to the publisher:

TBA                  Harpies, Seraphym Wars

TBA                  Mercy, Stardust Warriors

TBA                  Magaelbash, Stardust Warriors

Thanks for joining us today, Rebecca.

C.K. Volnek
Please welcome to my blog today, Author Marva Dasef. Marva is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and a fat white cat.  Retired from thirty-five years in the software industry, she has now turned her energies to writing fiction and finds it a much more satisfying occupation.  Marva has published more than thirty-five stories in a number of on-line and print magazines, with her stories included in several Best of anthologies. She has five published books.  See a complete list of her work at http://marvadasef.com/

We’re glad to have you with us today, Marva. (Marva also has a surprise for the readers who visit. Be one of the first four to respond to my contest and receive a free e-book.)

C.K. Volnek

Hi Marva. Please tell your readers something interesting about yourself AND/OR your favorite character.

My favorite character is Eddie in “Tales of the Texas Boy.” That's says something about myself too, since Eddie is my father. Tales contains stories based on my father's remembrances of growing up in West Texas in the Depression Era. I like Eddie since building his persona allowed me to envision my father as a kid and to bring his stories to life.

The most interesting thing about me cannot be related to the public. Not criminal, but I have been called a legend in my own time. Ponder that and use your imagination.

What was your favorite book as a teen? Tell us about it and how it affected you as a person.

You're asking me to take the way-back machine here. Of course, the use of the term way-back machine dates me.

The most influential book I read as a teen was Robert Heinlein's “Stranger in a Strange Land.” It introduced me to science fiction, and I've been hooked, lined, and sinkered ever since.

I have written a few science fiction pieces and do a credible space opera, but some of the SF writers like Clarke, Asimov, or even Heinlein leave me in the dust.

Tell us about the genre you have chosen to write for. Why do write specifically for them?

Genre? Singular? Ha! I have written some of everything except erotica. My latest book, “Ultimate Duty,” does have some adult (ahem) scenes, but is mainly science fiction. I have published fantasy, adventure, horror, science fiction, romance, western, memoir. Like I said something for everyone.


Tell us about your books.

Because you're an MG/YA author, rather than talking about my new book (Ultimate Duty, an adult science fiction romance), I'd like to list my middle-grade books, which are available in both ebook and print formats.  Everybody's in luck since I've put on a half price sale for the ebooks. Here are some quickie blurbs, the link to the sale book, and the coupon codes to use to get the discount.

Eagle Quest (MG adventure): Take four teens, an old Ranger, and a couple of eagle feather poachers. What have you got? Adventure! Set in the Klamath Wildlife Preserves of southern Oregon. Coupon FQ97G for 99 cents at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/13407

Quest for the Simurgh (MG fantasy): When the village magician goes missing, his students set out on a dangerous trip into the mountains and run into a big trouble from demons and gods set for a war to end the world. Coupon QF84E for $1.50 at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/3255

Tales of a Texas Boy (all ages, humorous memoir): Little Eddie tells some almost true Tall Tales set in West Texas of the 1930s. Guess what's true and what Eddie fudged on. Was it about the bear? Cage McNatt's prize sow? The skunk in the cornpatch? Guaranteed for a chuckle. Coupon BC99R for $1.50 at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/3816

First Duty (YA Science Fiction): Nyra Hutchings, a young woman born into a life of servitude on a repressive factory planet, is desperate for a different life. When she's accepted into the Space Service Academy, run by the organization that enslaves her planet, she discovers the truth behind generations of rebellion. Now, she must decide what to believe, where her first duty lies, and fight for more than her life against impossible odds. Coupon CX34J for $1.50 at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/4628

And one more thing, C.K. Volnek has ebook copies of all four books to give away at her discretion. Available formats are the same as with the links above.

How has writing affected your life? And what’s your favorite part of being a writer?

Since I wrote technical documentation for a good chunk of my life, I'd say it affected my life by earning a nice living. But once I retired from that, I work full-time as a fiction writer. Best part: I set my own hours. Worst part: I don't make much money.

What advice can you give regarding the writing process?

Don't throw out anything. If you're not happy with your WIP or just can't move on with it, do NOT hit Delete. Put everything aside in a virtual junk box, then go back to it later. You might very well find the key to the story when you return weeks or even months later. 

Regarding publication and marketing, what advice can you offer aspiring writers?

Can they give me any advice? I just try to appear as many places as I can on the internet. Thankfully, authors help each other out by providing a little advertising space. So, I owe you a blog post!

As for seeking publication, be sure to do your homework and never ever ever pay a publisher money to get published. No print fees, no “sharing” the costs, nada. Not a penny.

How can your fans find, follow or friend you?

My website: http://marvadasef.com

My blog: http://mgddasef.blogspot.com

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I'm also the member of a dozen or so writers' groups. The above are the main ones you can find out about my writing endeavors.

I'd like to thank C.K. Volnek for being such a gracious hostess today.

Thanks so much for joining us today Marva. Now, for the readers that have made it to the end. Marva mentioned she has free e-books for me to offer here on my blog. So, I will offer these great reads to the first four people who send me an e-mail and tell me who Marva’s favorite character is... please send the e-mail to: ckvolnek@yahoo.com and title the subject: Marva Dasef’s free read.

C.K. Volnek
-Eagle Quest by Marva Dasef

First Duty by Marva Dasef

-Quest For The Simurgh by Marva Dasef