Life After Vacation

I’m sorry to have shirked my blog but I’ve just returned from a lovely vacation in Italy. My husband and I celebrated time with our oldest son and daughter-in-law stationed there but alas there was little time to internet access.

Life after vacation can be somewhat melancholy. I feel myself floating somewhere between the levels of dreams and reality. My head is a mass of whirling memories. Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, Churches, Castles, Rome, the Vatican, the Coliseum, Palantine Hill, the Parthenon, Trevie Fountain, Assisi, Capua, Cuma… All breathtaking, beautiful, charming, and oh so mind-boggling… to be able to see and feel all these wonderful pieces of faith and history.

My hands and eyes were busy snapping photos of the sights, but my ears were filled with the multitudes of characters whispering to me, enticing me with future stories….a guard in the Castle Nuovo, a young vestal virgin struggling to keep love at bay on Palantine Hill, a mother rushing to protect her children as the ashes of Vesuvius rained over Pompeii. Oh, my muse is having fun and looking forward to the stories to come from my adventures in Italy. I hope you enjoy a few of the photos and maybe characters from the past will whisper to you as well.


C.K. Volnek
The Colesseum in Rome.

Constantine's Gate

On the road to Palatine Hill. The columns of the Temple of Apollo.

Castle Nuovo in Naples

St. Helena, Constantine's mother. After converting him to christianity, he sent her to locate all the Holy Sites in Israel.

The ruins of Pompeii

Christmas Alley in Naples. Italy up close and personal.



Susan Davis
11/16/2010 7:14am

Charlie, the pictures are great and it sounds like you truly had a wonderful time. I can almost hear your wheels spinning on your next story - looking forward to reading what comes of your big adventure.

11/18/2010 11:07pm

Ginger, you give a great interview!

I really think you've caught the essence of being a teen in Shortcomings. I remember so clearly feeling clumsy and fat and unpopular. Probably I wasn't any of those things, but just as with your character Cindy, one's perceptions color reality.

Good luck with the book!


11/19/2010 10:34am

Good interview, Ginger. I've written for the MG/YA audience, but I stick to fantasy since I don't have my fingers on the pulse of today's teens.

That you can accomplish getting into the minds of kids impresses me no end.


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